DeRucci was established in 2004, and it positions as integrator of global healthy sleeping resources and engages in the development, production and marketing of a whole set of healthy sleep system. De Rucci had set a mission of helping people sleep better and a vision of becoming the most respected healthy sleep brand leader. On the way to get customer satisfied, integrate creation and win-win cooperation, De Rucci develop rapidly from China to the whole world and open over 3600 exclusive stores in Australia, Canada, Canada, Germany, Dubai, HongKong etc., more than 20 countries and regions.

At the beginning of establishment, De Rucci came up with the commercial mode of customize healthy sleep system and move beyond traditional bedding industry with its customize healthy sleep system. By integrating excellent healthy sleep resources, De Rucci has realized the continuous innovation and rapid iteration of products. Till now, De Rucci healthy sleep system has updated to the sixth T9 system which is fully used of the advanced technology of artificial intelligence. DeRucci also create adaptive intelligent products, the world’s first Schumann resonances helping sleep mattress, and smart control of health pillow with APP which could test human heart rate, temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, etc.

Brand Story

With design concept originated from Europe, DeRucci engaged famous France designer Maurice as the chief designer to integrate human ergonomics and sleeping environics into bedding design. At the same time, DeRucci joins hands with human ergonomics study center of Catholic University of Louvain, Sleeping study center of Asia pacific and Industrial design and study center of Milano Italy, collaborate with over 10 international bedding suppliers such as DOC Switzerland, Germany Mieles to created intelligent healthy sleep system fitting to human body.

The brand essence of DeRucci is spreading healthy sleep culture. For years, the public Interest Initiative activities held by DeRucci, including” 3.21 the world sleep day”, “6.18 Mite-free day”, “8.18 DeRucci world sleep culture trip”, etc, have become profoundly effected in industrial events. Derucci ”Six Sense” sleep culture is also well known by customer through sleep-music and its microfilms.


We are committed to providing our customers with comfort yet contemporary bedroom furniture of the highest quality. Our team of experts are credited with inventing a healthy sleep system that encourages a better night’s sleep.


With an in-depth understanding of interior design, our team of designers are passionate in combining contemporary European design with human engineering concepts to convert every bed into a master piece. DeRucci – Health Sleeping Systems.


DeRucci was established in 2004 and now boasts over 2200 exclusive showrooms Worldwide, with more on the way. DeRucci products are tailor-made to provide perfect combination of bodycare, comfort and taste.